America's Cup


America’s Cup 19992 - January- May 1992 was the 28th chapter in the 141-year history of the event. Each of those previous contests captured the imagination of the world’s business moguls, media giants and political machines of their day. And the results of each regatta transcended industrial, cultural and political borders. Echoes of technological excellence which had been developed in Cup campaigns rippled through the Industrial Revolution, both World Wars, the Communications Revolution and continued to inspire Space Age. America’s Cup XXIII the 28th match for the America’s Cup was held off the coast of San Diego in May of 1992. The America’s cup is the oldest (first awarded in 1851) and one of the most prestigious trophies in international sports. The Cup is 27-inch, 134 ounce silver trophy awarded to the yacht that wins the race open to all nations. The America’s Cup Organization Committee is responsible for organizing, coordinating and staging the America’s Cup. One of the ACOC’s primary responsibilities is to successfully defend the America’s Cup and to keep it in San Diego. In 1992 Chevrolet Motor Company was awarded an opportunity to become one of the sponsors of the AMERICA3 Foundations 1992 America’s Cup sponsorship. On November 7-10, 1991 Corvette Marketing held a weekend retreat for the top-selling Corvette Dealers in the country at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort, San Diego. Corvette marketing sent an invitation to Thomas G. Abraham, a Chevrolet Auto Dealer from Tampa Florida to participate in this three day marketing conference. At this conference Corvette announced their strategy to launch the 1992 Corvette. A select group of auto dealers were invited to become participants in the Corvette Regatta as crew on these world-class yachts. For a full day I became a member of the crew as we held tune up races for the America’s Cup 92. This had to be one of the most exciting & rewarding opportunity’s in any sailors life, as this race is the Holy Grail of Racing, I actually not only had a chance to sail on one of the yachts but also become a honorary member of the crew participating in the Chevrolet trials. It was at this weekend of actives held in San Diego that I had the opportunity to meet with the owner and Captain of the America’s 3 yacht’s Mr. Bill Koch. Through out the weekend I had the opportunity to propose a project for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which Mr. Koch endorsed and asked that I contact Chevrolet Motor Divisions marketing company, Carlson Marketing Group. With the support of Chevrolet and America’s 3 the StarArt Foundation was able to create two official painting’s whose art work was utilized in the creation of two designs used as T-shirts and Sweat Shirts. Proceeds from the sale of the items were donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We were very fortunate to have had International Acclaimed Pop Artist, Romero Britto, create the artwork for this very special project. Romero Botero created three paintings for the foundation called The America’s Cup 92 San Diego, The Mermaid, and The America’s Cup –Chevrolet, which were all spectacular works of art. In May of 1992 Mr. Bill Koch and his crew won the coveted America’s Cup 92 Award.

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