Millennium Man


The Millennium Man Commemorative Patch Project Designed by International Acclaimed Artist P.A. Breccia A Tribute to Astronaut Senator John H. Glenn Jr. The Launch of the STS-95 Discovery October 29th 1998 more than 36 years after he made history as the first American to orbit the Earth in his Friendship 7 Mercury capsule, Sen. John H. Glenn Jr. ( D-Ohio) returned to space as part of a multinational crew with the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery in late October 1998. The flight designated SATS-95, carried a crew of 7 astronauts which involved more than 80 scientific experiments investigating mysteries that span the realm of the inner universe of the human body to studies of our own Sun and its solar activity. Discovery lunched from NASA’S Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39, PAD B. Senator Glenn was the test subject for specific investigations which mimic the effect of aging, including loss of muscle and bone density; disrupted sleep patterns; a depressed immune system: and loss of balance. Discovery also carried a SPACEHAB module to orbit. Inside SPACEHAB, the astronauts conducted almost 30 smaller experiments ranging from materials science, to plant growth, to developing new techniques for delivering vital antitumor medications. Discover Mission was scheduled to last 8 days, which would bring the shuttle on a round trip voyage of over 3 1/2 million mile journey. STS-95 was the 25th flight of Discover and the 92nd mission flown since the start of the Space Shuttle program in April 1981. The History of The Millennium Man Some time in late July of 1998 after hearing so much about the upcoming historical flight of Astronaut Senator John H. Glenn Jr. on the Discovery STS-95 into outer space on the Space Shuttle, I continued to realize that this was truly an historic moment and opportunity to create a unique tribute to Astronaut Senator John H. Glenn Jr. It was after care review of all the information concerning Senator John Glenn's interest in the education system that the idea of creating The Millennium Man Commemorative Patch Project came to fruition. The Mission: To help achieve the financial objectives of a non-profit educational organization or institution serving children, and to increase appreciation of the U.S. Space Program and its continuing contributions to education, which are ageless and limitless. The Millennium Man image symbolizes humanity on the brink of entry into a new age, where space and education offer limitless, ageless opportunities for the betterment of all. Italian fine artist P.A. Breccia, cardiac surgeon, philosopher, and humanitarian, Pier Augusto Breccia based the patch on a painting of the same title. In November of 1998 at the home of Miami businessman Chris Korge, Vice President Al Gore was presented with a custom designed leather jacket with The Millennium Man Commemorative Patch affixed to the front. Thomas G. Abraham, Founder of the StarArt Foundation, presented the gift. Special acknowledgment and thanks has to be given to Vice President Al Gore, Senator Bob Graham of Florida and Senator Richard Gephardt of Missouri for their support. Without the continued unselfish contribution of time and creative designs from my dear friends Wayne & Eva Sandlin and International fine artist and friend Pier Breccia, this project would not have happened. I want to extend to everyone who continues to support the StarArt Foundation in its efforts to be a “Bridge between art and humanity” my sincerest thanks and appreciation for all you contribute to such great initiatives.

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