The Gardner of God "Miracle Rock" The cipher of the word is " The infinite power of God " The angel- a symbol of the human spirit, both masculine and feminine with the crown of a poet. Holding in its left hand "the torch of hope." Form its right hand 'the sacred amphora" pours the elements of rain, fire and air as wisdom; flowing like water from the golden vase from which the human spirit emerges. The Golden Dish contains the symbols of nature and wisdom. And here is the miracle!..... the stone where the Word is imprinted, (like the tablets of the ten commandments ) flourishes and turns into life and creativity. Thus, the stone of universal order through the dedication of the human spirit, became a "Miracle Rock !"

Verse & Painting by P. A. Breccia Commissioned by StarArt Foundation

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What can be said about artist P. A. Breccia that could truly capture the man behind the Artist? In 1995 Pier Breccia participated in the Miami International Art Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center. It was at the Miami Art show that Thomas G. Abraham, Founder of the StarArt Foundation had the opportunity to meet Pier Breccia.

Mr. Breccia who is an Italian artist that lives in Rome. As Mr. Abraham was walking through the isles of the Miami International Art Show he was impressed by the tremendous amount of fascinating art that was being exhibited at the show. Mr. Abraham was overwhelmed by the quality artist and art at the show. It is truly amazing that with all the outstanding art filling the hall's of the convention floors that Mr. Abraham would have the opportunity to be stopped in his tracks by one particular artist.

As Mr. Abraham approached the end of the isles he was struck by the brilliance of the the colors and compositions of the art that was starring him straight in the face. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that Mr. Breccia was present at the show. Both Mr. Abraham and Mr. Breccia had an opportunity to discuss there love for art and interest in working together on future StarArt Foundation project. It was not long after there first meeting that both Mr. Abraham and Mr. Breccia agreed to collaborate on the creation of the "Miracle Rock" Award.

Mr. Abraham stated that he was personally grateful to Mr. Breccia for the the spectacular art work that he had created for the Foundation. This award has since been presented to numerous individuals who have contributed there time and support to making a difference in the world we live. Mr. Breccia has also been involved in other projects such as the creation of the Freedom Tower Pictures logo and the Millennium Project. The StarArt Foundation has also collaborated with Mr. Breccia on a very special project that will be unveiled in the later part of Fall of 2004.

It is with great respect and pride that Mr. Abraham extends his sincerest thanks of appreciation to have established a long term friendship with Mr. Breccia and sings his praise of Mr. Breccia as a very special gifted artist who's work will impact every one who comes in contact with his art for centuries to come.

Mrs.Suan and Thomas G. Abraham Presneting Jmaes Taylor With St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Plaque of Appreciation in Support of Miracle Rock 111

Thomas G. Abraham- Founder StarArt Foundation Presenting Presendent Mickel Gorbashaw -USSR The Miracle Rock Award

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