Children of the World

On September 29,1994 Swiss watch Maker Movado, in conjunction with the Miami based StarArt Foundation, unveiled a timepiece which is not just a new watch design, but a new idea in the watch industry, a watch designed in the name of charity, the “Children of the World Watch”.

Earlier in the year Mr. Thomas G. Abraham, founder of the StarArt Foundation approached the management of Movado, to permit Brazilian ­born pop art star, Romero Britto, to design the sixth in an ongoing Movado Artists’ Series of limited collectible watches. Prior Artists’ Series watches have been designed by Andy Warhol, Arman , Max Bill and James Rosenquest. Not only did Movado agree to produce a 1,100 piece edition of the Britto- Designed watch, but Movado also offered to “donate all of the proceeds to charity”. Shortly thereafter, the non-profit Movado Children’s Foundation (the Foundation) was created to execute this fund raising project and future projects of this nature.

One hundred percent of the anticipated proceeds, not just a portion of the profits- $1Million Dollars ­will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital; in Memphis Tennessee (St. Jude) and UNICEF, The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund. A dozen major magazines donated advertising pages in the October and November issues to help the Foundation promote the “Children of the World Watch” by Romero Britto.

The “Children of the World Watch” is displayed within an acrylic statue, which replicates the last three letters of Britto’s distinctive signature. Movado officials explain the company’s commitment thusly:” Movado and its parent company, North American Watch Corporation“NAWC”, have both been extremely successful companies. Our management believes that with great success comes an equal measure of responsibility. What could be a more basic opportunity, than the opportunity for a child to live, to grow up and let life unfold?” asked Gerry Grinberg, Chairman of “NAWC”The Foundation chose to donate the funds from this project to St. Jude and UNICEFF, an official arm of the United Nations.

UNICEF brings the basic ingredients of a healthy life: health care, clean water, nutrition and education, disease and homelessness in a desperate fight for the survival of innocent children. The Movado Children’s Foundation is optimistic that its commitment to raise this $1, Million will assist these charities in providing vital hope to suffering children and their parents.

As Founder of the StarArt Foundation I publicly want to acknowledge and thank the Getz family from Mayors Jewelers in Miami for introducing us to Mr. Gerry Grinberg of Movado. We would also like to thank Mr. Romero Britto, the artist, who donated his art work and time, Mr. Gerry Grinberg, Chairman of North American Watch Company and all his employees and vendors who put their heart and soul into this project and helped contribute to its promotion and creation.

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