Seasons of Miracles

The StarArt Foundation commissioned pop artist, Romero Britto, to paint a mural that would be installed at St Jude Children's Research Hospital as part of the New Patient Care Center. Thomas Abraham, founder of the StarArt Foundation and member of the Board of St. Jude Children Research Hospital, dedicated the mural to the memory of his loving mother Genevieve Marie Abraham.

Romero Britto in collaboration with Thomas Abraham came up with the concept for the Seasons of Miracles mural depicting four separate portraits of children swimming, skating, and just having fun. On October 7, 1994 First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton unveiled the Seasons of Miracles mural at the New Patient Care Center with the members of the Governing Board and Danny Thomas’ family, Marlo Thomas, Phil Donahue,Tony Thomas, and Terrie Thomas, at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Board members, staff, patients of the hospital and their families now enjoy the colorful mural that inspires everyone who sees it.

Hilary Clinton Speeach
Ribbon Cutting
Britto Speech

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