Swatch Project news reel

The StarArt Foundation, Swatch and Mayors Jewelers paid a special tribute to the leaders of the 34 nations participating in the Summit of the Americas held in Miami, Florida and hosted by President Clinton in December of 1994. The StarArt Foundation was introduced by Mayors Jewelers' principal Richard Getz to Swatch Corporation. In collaboration with Swatch we created a One Time Limited Edition of two, which would be presented at the Summit of the Americas as one of the official White House gifts for the Summit.

The Swatch Presidential Historical Olympic Games Collection contained the nine Olympic watches in a beautiful, customized Olympic display case detailed with each president’s name and country and artistic rendering of the Northern Hemisphere and the Presidential Summit. The Swatch Olympic and StarArt Foundation logos were also exhibited on the collection. As is the nature of the Olympics and the Summit, the Swatch Presidential Historical Olympic Games Collection recognizes the Summit as on the of the most significant international gatherings ever and the first hemispheric meeting of democratically elected leaders.

The StarArt Foundation worked closely with Swatch, the White House staff and The Summit of the Americas Committee to present the Presidential Collection boxes to each of the presidents. A second set of boxes was displayed in the Intercontinental Hotel lobby, where many of the presidents and press were staying. The Collection became part of the permanent Swatch Museum Collection in Europe. The StarArt Foundation wants to extend a very special thanks of appreciation to Mr. Nick Hayek Sr. Founder of SWATCH for make this project possible. With the untiring support of Mr. Hayek Jr. and the SWATCH Corporation who's help made it possible to pull together with a matter of months one of the most Monumental SWATCH Collection ever created. This spectacular Collection stars as a tribute to the spirit of free democracy's throughout the world. With the support and creative intuition of SWATCH the Presidents of the world were truly given a one of a kind gift. Thank you MR. Hayek Jr. for your uncompromising support.

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