The NFT Gallery

As the world of art shifts into the increasingly popular crypto movement, and more artists and collectors are getting into crypto art and “Non-Fungible Tokens” (NFTs), the StarArt Foundation joins the crypto art revolution by partnering with ARTS2NFTS to produce, exhibit, and sell crypto artworks for the purpose of supporting charities and humanitarian causes.

Stay tuned for our first crypto art project coming soon!

The age of crypto art: NFTs explained

This increasingly popular territory is still a mystery to many, so in this article we attempt to demystify NFTs and introduce this exciting not-to-be missed crypto art revolution.

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The cryptoart revolution

Some artists explain that NFTs are a way for artists to go directly to their fans with limited edition works, and to create art freely without being held accountable by any middleman. Some also say that NFTs have made it possible for them to sell their work more easily…

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Topselling NFT artists tokeep an eye on

NFT artists are on the rise, as the art world slowly shifts to the digital realm. Here’s a list of digital artists who are setting records in terms of sales and popularity.

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NFT artists not to be missed

NFT artists are selling their artworks for millions while making an impressive impact on the world and how artis perceived.We bring to you a list of digital artists we think should be on your radar.

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